Handling Tornado Aftermath!

For you, or for those with friends and family struggling with tornado damage, here is a bit of help that should get you thinking about what to do first. Of course, your loved ones are wondering about you, and you can register at this lovely Red Cross Safe and Well site, to let them knowContinue reading “Handling Tornado Aftermath!”

Do you live where tornadoes happen often?

Tornadoes are extremely rare in Utah, but downtown Salt Lake City was struck by this F2 tornado in 1999, which killed one person. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Maybe I should ask, “Do you live in the United States?” because the U.S. has the most tornadoes in the world. You thought so, didn’t you! From 1950, whenContinue reading “Do you live where tornadoes happen often?”

What is your phobia?

I write on Arkansas Women Bloggers’ Website, today, about what used to be my phobia, and once you read it, you will know why it was my fear and how I got rid of it. For more excitement you can read some of my posts about fear: The Near Disaster The Traumatic “What If” The SolutionContinue reading “What is your phobia?”