You CAN Can – Six Tricks More!

To continue the tricky list from yesterday’s post: 7. To rinse the spines off cucumbers without cutting your hands, use a washcloth, which protects you and is faster and gets them cleaner. 8.  In an emergency, apples, bell peppers, and tomatoes may be frozen whole and raw (untreated). They must be perfectly spotless, unwashed, andContinue reading “You CAN Can – Six Tricks More!”

You CAN Can!

I remember canning. Mama had jars, lids, rings, spoons and pans all over her huge kitchen. She let me hand her the “rings” (screw bands) which I wore like bracelets up and down my then skinny arms. The temperature in there had to be at least 100 degrees, but I do not remember that. IContinue reading “You CAN Can!”

What Are We Doing?

Enjoy this, the first published article I ever wrote, over sixteen years ago, for An Encouraging Word magazine, published out of Oklahoma. I got $20 for it, back then! It is taken from Matthew 26, Mark 14, Luke 7, and John 12. Once there was a woman who loved Jesus so much, that she didContinue reading “What Are We Doing?”

Sunday Scriptures: Numbers

In honor of the 400th anniversary of the translation of the Bible into English, commissioned by King James of England in 1611, and originally published by Robert Barker, printer to the King, I will use this version for the rest of this year in these posts. Editing sure has changed since then! Hope we can enjoyContinue reading “Sunday Scriptures: Numbers”

How to Take Care of Your Eyes – Rest!

This is my favorite treatment for every problem–just close your eyes! Maybe it will go away! In the case of eye health, this is definitely true. But no one tells us. Study this set of posts. Link to them. Copy-paste them for your fridge. Someone you know needs this information! Resting When we do not getContinue reading “How to Take Care of Your Eyes – Rest!”

How to Take Care of Your Eyes – Eliminate the Toxic!

I knew it! I just knew it! We have more eye troubles these days because more facets of our environment are bothering our eyes. I just knew it. And, oh boy! It is politically incorrect to admit this. Is that why this is not on billboards, nationwide? Study this set of posts. Link to them. Copy-pasteContinue reading “How to Take Care of Your Eyes – Eliminate the Toxic!”

How to Take Care of Your Eyes – Exercise

I have always wished I could exercise my eyes. I always thought it would be just as good for them as for the rest of me. Often I wondered if using them was the exercise, as with all other muscles. But not so, I have learned. Eyes become tired when used for only one task,Continue reading “How to Take Care of Your Eyes – Exercise”