Weekly Photo Challenge – Winter – 3

Have to explain some before I begin this post. Sorry.

First, I once worked outside the home. Surprised? One of the co-workers on that job was retired from the military and would tell us about his experiences abroad, from time to time.

For a while, he was stationed in Israel. It was a fun and easy assignment, no war or other real soldierly things going on, then; a desk job. Winter came, and with it, an extremely rare joy: snow. The old timers declared it had been 60 or more years since the last one.

The results were that the children did not know how to play in snow. So, the U.S. Army came to their rescue and showed them how to write messages with footprints in it, and to make snowmen, forts and snowballs, etc.

I loved that story and the images of soldiers in camo, with a knowing gleam in the eye and grin on the hardened jaw, teaching little kids how to make mittens from socks and play in the winter wonderland. I imagined giggles from young and older, rollicking snowball fights, and who knows, maybe some shared hot cocoa. It always makes me smile.

Hold that thought.

Second, and some folks may already know this, but according to the Bible, Jesus created everything that exists, including the angels. (John 1:3)

Okay. Now all the explanation is out of the way, and we can get on with this post.

I’ve been listening to an old Rich Mullins CD, lately, and the same song that always gets me, got me again.

I wish I could sing like him and impart these songs to millions. Instead, I wander through ballads, trying to hum along, wondering where folks find such skill.

The following links are to a free look at the lyrics with an option to listen.

I don’t like every song the man ever wrote—my problem, I know—but there are universal beauties in his too-short legacy. I absolutely love “Screen Door on a Submarine” (which you really have to SEE performed, to appreciate) for content, style, and execution: Tops!

And the achingly beautiful “Not as Strong as We Think We Are” haunts me for days, every time I hear it.

But my stoic husband hands me his hanky and admits, “It is a sweet song,” when they play “Boy Like Me/Man Like You”. Let me tell you why, and let me tell you why I’m writing about it here and now.

It is a darling song for lovers of children, beginning with:

You was a baby like I was once
You was cryin’ in the early morn’
You was born in a stable Lord
Reid Memorial is where I was born
They wrapped You in swaddling clothes
Me, they dressed in baby blue

It goes on fully expanding its theme, the purpose of the Incarnation, comparing various segments of Jesus’ life and the life of Mullins’ boyhood: Did You wrestle with a dog, let him lick Your nose? Did You play beneath the spray of a water hose?

But then comes the line that slays me, almost like a haiku moment:

Did You ever make angels in the winter snow . . .

not galille, but
Not Galilee, but . . .

Published by Katharine

Katharine is a writer, speaker, women's counselor, and professional mom. Happily married over 50 years to the same gorgeous guy. She loves cooking amazing homegrown food, celebrating grandbabies, her golden-egg-laying hennies, and watching old movies with popcorn. Her writing appears at Medium, Arkansas Women Bloggers, Contently, The Testimony Train, Taste Arkansas, Only in Arkansas, and in several professional magazines and one anthology.

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Winter – 3

  1. All i can say is: I LOVE SNOW ANGELS! I love mittens (yet they are for the young, mostly). Must admit, mittens keep the fingers from sticking together with frostbite. We aren’t having snow this year. I think i’m missing it! I may have jinxed all of Chicago. Oh boy … here come the mountains of white stuff! Thanks for a light post. I’m feeling a bit nothing. So thank you!!! melis

    1. Hi, Melis, Thanks for stopping by and for these kind comments! I must say, sock mittens would be better than nothing for children who’d never seen snow. 😉 Hope you get over the “nothings” and I do hope you get some snow. What IS the purpose of winter without it? eh? 🙂

    1. Oh, I like Rich Mullins, but I think some of it is over my head. 😉 This song, though, goes straight to my heart–the thought of the Creator of Angels having to deal with boyhood on earth, and the thought of Him reduced to making snow angels . . .

  2. You are a MASTER at telling stories that touch Hearts Kathy. I Love this post, I love the way it is written, I love the lyrics (poetry in disguise, yes?) and I love the way you connect God with EVERYTHING! I thought of you today and thinking of you I was able to see a minor inconvience as a Gift from God. Thank you, ma’am!

    XXX Jen

    1. Jen, you are so kind. I am so glad anything I could say or do could help you in any way.
      Once we see Jesus, really SEE Him as the Only Truth, all things fall into place. Praying for your continued healing during the sorrow in your life. ❤

  3. Kathy–your faith, heart, words, photos, observations, comments, responses are authentic and grace filled. I had shared your wise advice about authenticity and letting God shine through us with the Barefoot Baroness and I wanted you to be sure to see her lovely comment. So I am pasting it here. I hope you don’t mind. I think it’s important for you to know the lovely and true thing she said about you: “I simply adore Katherine’s Trauger’s wisdom d thank you for sharing it with me. The authentic grace and the joy of spirit is what this is all about. I have went about my day with grace in my actions, joy on my face, and Spirit in my heart.

    Today was a gift to me through the actions of others, seeing my daughter (35) take on the Joy- Forwarding challenge herself after we all spoke about it at the brunch table. Lending her physical prowess to an elderly woman who is dealing with dementia;. She is a retired school teacher who has decided to donate all her left over supplies to other teacher. Boxes and boxes- she stored in an attic almost two years ago.This dear woman may or may not understand exactly the gift she is giving, but it lessens the gifts in no way.
    That is my idea of Joy-Forwarding along with some Paying it forward thrown in for good measure.
    People are incredibly amazing!!”

    So: as always my twin in Christ—you are a BEACON (enthusiasm for the caps).

    1. Of course, I don’t mind, Kate! Thanks for these lovely words! I wonder if you could add a link to her site, here, as I am having trouble guessing how to find her. Thanks. Also, I know you know it’s all the Lord, the grace of God, not me. I know you know that! Just sayin’. 🙂 God is incredibly amazing. This is an amazing thing going on, too, the “joy” thing. I cannot imagine how many pitchers of lemonade will appear all over the world! 😉

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