The New/Old Hate Target

ABC-TV has decided that it can take direct aim at Christians with what amounts to hate speech. This is the premise of its new program GCB (which stands for Good Christian B****es).

This program ridicules Christians, Christianity, the Bible, and Christian symbols in ways that would be unthinkable if aimed at any other religious group. For example, in the official Facebook page for GCB it said that “cleavage will help keep your cross straight.” Can you imagine the reaction in the Muslim community if that kind of message (complete with a highly suggestive photo) would have been made aiming at a symbol of the Islamic faith?

To read more of this, including who sponsors it and why it affects home schooling, go HERE. It’s an amazingly scary world out there, still filled with hatred but aimed in a new direction.

Well, not really so very new . . .

10 thoughts on “The New/Old Hate Target

  1. Victoria T. says:

    People would be PROTESTING this show if it targeted any group besides Christians.

    The full article explains how many people in the US argue that homeschooling should be outlawed because “it is necessary to teach children tolerance.” But wait–are the public schools really teaching tolerance? Last I checked, public schools teach conformity. The social atmosphere is one of conformity–conform to the other students or be mocked, ridiculed, bullied, even physically harassed. Conform to the teacher’s way of thinking or have points deducted for coming to the wrong “conclusion.” The entire premise of public schooling is conformity, NOT the diversity they claim to teach!! Public schools have a goal to educate all children in the same way and to the same degree–no one left behind and no one jumps ahead.

    Sigh. I’m sorry for the rant–thank you for posting this and bringing it to my attention.

    • katharinetrauger says:

      Oh, I rant, too, but tried just to quote, here. 😐
      I can see a need for making sure the schools teach the slower children, (they still are NOT) but it’s that grand holding tank for the advanced ones (G & T) that bugs me to pieces and made me realize: Home’s Cool.
      Oh, and tolerance–for all but Christians.
      Even Thomas Jefferson would have been expelled for hate talk.

  2. Kate Kresse says:

    It is appalling that this show will be on. I pray that it gets a small enough audience that ABC yanks it off the air. And you are right about schools. They teach conformity, they have institutionalized bullying, and they teach cruelty and exclusion of anyone that is different in any way.

    Great post, Katharine.

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