Unchained and Lyrical

An amazingly poignant post from a young lady who had fought an uphill battle against Lyme disease for so many years . . . to find the thrill of victory. Savor the sweetness here . . .

I'm in the Lyme-Light

Those are the words that my LLMD said to me last week. “We’re finally winning.” I can’t even begin to describe what hearing that was like. I heard the words; I smiled. But those fantastic words didn’t sink in right away. I felt… like I was staring down a beautiful cliff, unsure of what I was doing there and what I should be feeling – awe from the spectacular view or fear from being so close to the edge.

I was talking to another Lyme friend of mine recently about how hard it is to trust those words I was told. Here’s a snippet of what I said, “I haven’t ever lost hope of recovery, but somehow this feels different now. It’s not sometime in the future. It’s starting right now. I want to accept that gratefully, but I’m still protecting myself from the possibility I’ll get worse again. It’s…

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2 thoughts on “Unchained and Lyrical

  1. dizzygrl05 says:

    Thank you so very much! I have a long way to go still, but hearing those words has renewed my spirit and my courage to continue fighting.

    Your support has meant the world! Thank you, thank you.

    xo, molly

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