A Home-School Poem


Kaleidoscope (Photo credit: rubyblossom.)

Hey, everyone!

I’ve been out, in case you dd not notice. Technical difficulties, partly. But also partly supervising the removal of the last of the kid stuff from my house.

Oh, I have a Grandmother toy box, educational games, and color books still lying around, but the closets reserved for my own children’s collections are empty.

And in the process I have found so many odd things:

  • The mosquito netting for our cradle
  • The other set of guest bed sheets
  • The shower curtain the sellers left in our previous house
  • A kaleidoscope
  • Our gallon of exterior yellow paint
  • A small vial filled with unpolished hematite pebbles
  • A long-lost issue of the magazine I once wrote for
  • My old art portfolio, AND
  • A home-school graduation program with the following poem:

It is a holy thing to teach a child,
A holy thing to take the wild
And tame it for the LORD.

It is a holy thing to love your own,
A holy thing to stand alone
And be the three-ply cord.

It is a holy thing to stay behind,
A holy thing to never-mind
Things you cannot afford.

It is a holy thing to work for good,
A holy thing to take for food
His righteous, written Word.

It is a holy thing to read and run,
A holy thing to rest when done
And take the good reward.

It is a holy thing to put to flight
Ten thousand with a little might,
And then lay down your sword.

Can I get a witness?

4 thoughts on “A Home-School Poem

  1. jiltaroo says:

    I love finding old treasures, the only problem is, it takes me ages to get through it all as I like to read things from my past. This is a great poem and very much worthy of posting. Jen

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