I Like All Words

Words are wonderful. We need them to get the huge things in our minds out onto small things like paper. I like paper, too, and pencils and other small things that capture huge things. Yes, I like all words. Even words that tell of bad things, like “tornado“ —what an amazing word that is, rollingContinue reading “I Like All Words”

I got mad at Betty.

I’ve been baking furiously, here, trying to get a cake for 60 or so people ready for this coming Sunday, when our church will host a baccalaureate for our seniors. I am used to baking and decorating larger cakes, have done several for various showers and weddings. I love doing it. However, cakes have aContinue reading “I got mad at Betty.”

Your Feet Keep Growing

Your feet keep growing. I never knew that. When I was 18, I was 5½ feet tall and wore a size 7 shoe. Now days, I’m most comfortable in a 10. I can hardly believe it. I’m no taller, some heavier (110 lb. was too skinny), but my feet probably have added a pound, themselves.Continue reading “Your Feet Keep Growing”

A Funny Story about My Eye Business

(And I hope the last time I ever post about this stuff.) One Friday, after my usual eye doctor visit I had another appointment, with my grandson, to attend his birthday party, which had been arranged specifically to mesh with my schedule. We had a lovely time celebrating this lovely grandson and the hour arrivedContinue reading “A Funny Story about My Eye Business”