6-Year-Old Hauled to Psych Ward Despite Parent’s Wishes

Last week, a school in Los Angeles sent a little boy to a psychiatric ward without his mother’s leave. Why? Worrying about the fact that his dad had been deployed to Iraq, the boy had drawn a violent picture and had written that he wanted to die, which caused the school to manifest this knee-jerkContinue reading “6-Year-Old Hauled to Psych Ward Despite Parent’s Wishes”

About Dating

Humans have been practicing dating on a large scale for around, 50 to 75 years. Before that, no one dated. Some snuck out, but that was sneaking out; it wasn’t dating. The very idea of two unmarried people spending any time together, alone, was unthinkable to most people, once upon a time. Why? At least forContinue reading “About Dating”

Scream Carrot Gardening and How to Stay Alive

In the summer, we still teach our children. You know we teach them all the time, right? One summer, we were all out in the garden learning about how hard carrots can be to pull up. It was fun, though, a sort of tug-o-war between children and carrots, with Mom along to man the shovelContinue reading “Scream Carrot Gardening and How to Stay Alive”