Weekly Photo Challenge: Wildlife

Not much to say, today, but wanted to show off one of my favorite photos. Surrounded by the safety in many uncles (the blue stripes and the adult finger belong to two of them) a young boy learns about which wildlife is to be trusted, a family tradition meant to instill wisdom and fearlessness: BoyContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wildlife”

Why Do People Put Their Children in Schools? Part – 3 – Can We Fix the Schools?

From all the research that has been done, I think we might, might, might be able to make some progress solving the problems in governmental institutionalization of our children. It would take drastic change, though. No matter what you are thinking, I meant more drastic than that. Most classrooms have far too many children in them.Continue reading “Why Do People Put Their Children in Schools? Part – 3 – Can We Fix the Schools?”

Why Do People Put Their Children in Schools? Part – 2 – The Solution

Children need to be in homes. Arresting thought, isn’t it. If there exists any type of divine design, then for argument’s sake, we must think that children were put into homes for a reason. But even those who cannot swallow the idea of a God must consider why all creatures seem to have evolved toContinue reading “Why Do People Put Their Children in Schools? Part – 2 – The Solution”

Why do people put children in schools? Part 1

People forget children are not adults. Adults can handle many things children cannot. The adult thinks to himself, “Oh, it won’t be that bad.” But he forgets. Time has a way of rewriting our memories. We project ourselves onto our children and think of how great it would be to be surrounded with 25 five-year-oldsContinue reading “Why do people put children in schools? Part 1”

Spring into Cleaning With – Everybody!

Okay, girls, today our fast-clean project is this stuffed coat closet. Oh, we have so much to do to make it better! Here, Little Mary, you can play with all these wonderful wooden hangers. Can you pile them onto the couch for mom? Great! Thanks! Hey, Big Sis, look at Daddy’s old umbrella–it needs mending.Continue reading “Spring into Cleaning With – Everybody!”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

I am SO not a photographer. If you know anything, at all, about photography, you know: soon as I planned to take photos of shadows, the sky clouded over, erasing them all. Later, as the clouds thinned, the resulting shadow quickly disappeared while I readied my camera. You know. The sand  pictured below lives inContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow”

Look Out! You Just Look Out!

Christians Make Bad Parents in UK   The United Kingdom has decided that Christians are not acceptable as foster or adoptive parents and that Christian beliefs are harmful to children and violate a child’s international human rights. Since when are personal beliefs a reason to deny children a home and a family? If religion, ofContinue reading “Look Out! You Just Look Out!”