A New Kind of Countdown . . .

Do you “count” you kids down? You know, you tell them to do something and they don’t do it. So you say, “One . . . ” The implication is that you have told them once and you are keeping track, so you must really mean it. Or something. Then you tell them again, andContinue reading “A New Kind of Countdown . . .”

Missing Children Found!

How many children would you guess are homeschooling in the US, today? Two Million. Two Million. That’s one in every 25 kids of school age. What this means is that in every classroom that holds 25 children, one is missing. And it’s because of homeschool. The schools don’t like us home educators very much because ofContinue reading “Missing Children Found!”

Abnormal Children

I watched her as she sashayed down the aisle between rows of dining tables. She had just come from church, no doubt, from the appearance and timing of her family’s entrance. She couldn’t have been over five years old. But from head to toe, and not just the exterior but somehow even the aura emanatingContinue reading “Abnormal Children”

You CAN Can – Help!

Canning, Gardening, and Kids – Oh, MY! Since we’ve been on the subject of canning all week, let’s talk about canning and children. Children who are old enough ought to help. Little ones ought to stay away. Too much is going on for you to trust yourself to watch them carefully. All that blanching andContinue reading “You CAN Can – Help!”

How to Take Care of Your Eyes – Rest!

This is my favorite treatment for every problem–just close your eyes! Maybe it will go away! In the case of eye health, this is definitely true. But no one tells us. Study this set of posts. Link to them. Copy-paste them for your fridge. Someone you know needs this information! Resting When we do not getContinue reading “How to Take Care of Your Eyes – Rest!”

How to Take Care of Your Eyes – Eliminate the Toxic!

I knew it! I just knew it! We have more eye troubles these days because more facets of our environment are bothering our eyes. I just knew it. And, oh boy! It is politically incorrect to admit this. Is that why this is not on billboards, nationwide? Study this set of posts. Link to them. Copy-pasteContinue reading “How to Take Care of Your Eyes – Eliminate the Toxic!”