If Only They Were Perfect — If Only WE Were!

If a child is non-compliant on purpose, he needs far more than another reminder. This is the hardest part: Requiring. Children do not automatically walk in goodness, contrary to popular opinion. Some want to stay in bed in the morning. Some want to skip brushing their teeth. Some want to play during chore time. DogsContinue reading “If Only They Were Perfect — If Only WE Were!”

Remind Me not to Lose My Mind

During the learning phase of acquiring new habits, reminding can be a good help for your children, or even yourself. Reminding goes beyond repetition. We reserve reminding for when we should already know a fact or skill. Jesus did this from the cross when He called out the first line of Psalm 22, which minutelyContinue reading “Remind Me not to Lose My Mind”

Huh? Oh. — Repeating as a Step in Learning New Habits

Be good. Be quiet. Be careful. Behave. Brush your teeth. Pick up your toys. Clean your plate. Wash your hands. Wear a hat. Feed the dog. Wipe your feet. Haven’t we all said all those things, and many others, a hundred times, at least? We should train our children in every habit of good, such asContinue reading “Huh? Oh. — Repeating as a Step in Learning New Habits”

The OUCH Factor — Beginning a New Habit

We do well compared to guppies. The human brain thrives on habit, grows larger on a diet of routine. The memory inside a human brain is frighteningly complex and magnificently comforting, at the same time. Our children can reap what God intended from good habits, if, by the time our babies are crawling, they’ve had the pleasureContinue reading “The OUCH Factor — Beginning a New Habit”

Do Your Kids Have Habitual Blessings?

“Hey! Turn that back on!” I heard it bounding from the hallway one day. It had happened again. We have taught our children, from the time they were young, to turn off lights as they leave a room. Someone had turned out the light while there was someone still in that room. It was aContinue reading “Do Your Kids Have Habitual Blessings?”

Sunday Scriptures – Family

. . . Defend the cause of the fatherless . . . Isaiah 1:17 Isn’t this what families are for? We stick together and help the weaker among us. Right? I’m not a Catholic, but we’re all part of the family of man, right? This from Life News: “Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is at itContinue reading “Sunday Scriptures – Family”

Our Rewarder God

Everyone who comes to God must believe these two things: That He exists That He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. This is truth, according to His Word, which is what we must accept if we accept that He is there to deny, to hate, to dispute, to blame, to doubt, toContinue reading “Our Rewarder God”