Can You See Your Horizon?

Another WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge We live in a lovely spot on the side of a forested hill. I cannot see the horizon from my house, much, because millions of lovely trees block the view. However, in the winter when the leaves have dropped, the view changes drastically. As with the cycles of the seasons,Continue reading “Can You See Your Horizon?”

Your Feet Keep Growing

Your feet keep growing. I never knew that. When I was 18, I was 5½ feet tall and wore a size 7 shoe. Now days, I’m most comfortable in a 10. I can hardly believe it. I’m no taller, some heavier (110 lb. was too skinny), but my feet probably have added a pound, themselves.Continue reading “Your Feet Keep Growing”

Saturday Sayings – 2

I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.                                                                                                         –Mark Twain