National Biscuit Month, 15-SECOND Biscuit Recipe!

  My family loves hot, homemade biscuits, and this is National Biscuit Month. So, I thought I’d resurrect an old favorite recipe, just for you! Although I’ve known the recipe handed down to me from my families, I’ve also never been satisfied just to do what everyone else is doing. I’m always thinking it mightContinue reading “National Biscuit Month, 15-SECOND Biscuit Recipe!”

Global Warming! Coming soon to a kitchen near you!

Nothing warms a home like something baking. It’s cold outside where you live. Everyone should get busy! Doesn’t matter if it’s a delicious batch of sour dough bread: Doesn’t matter if it’s a few jars of wonderful canned bread: Doesn’t matter if it’s a wonderful, lo-carb cookie recipe! We all need to warm up our Monday! BAKE!