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FINALLY Got Electricity After Winter Storm Octavia! Cannot Wait to Show You These!

Birdfeeder Covered in Ice by Winter Storm OctaviaThe birds had better wait to eat here…

Lounge Chairs covered in Ice after Winter Storm Octavia. Too cold to sit here!

Rosemary bush obliterated in ice after Winter Storm Octavia

My poor rosemary bush is totally encrusted!

Ice everywhere outdoors after Winter Storm OctaviaView of the deck through branches of a small maple.

All the beauty of an ice storm comes with a price: We lose electricity.

So after we had a nice* game of Scrabble-by-candlelight, we ate a great chili dinner by the same romantic candlelight, chili which I’d cooked on our wood stove.

Cooking chili on wood stove because of Winter Storm Octavia

Then I did dishes by candlelight.

Dishes done by candlelight after Winter Storm Octavia

Am seriously considering doing dishes by candlelight all the time. So romantic… 😉

*I won…