Guest post for Danny Iny at Mirasee

Nervous Yet?

… Where I share how I could’ve done better…

You know how people often promote their blog sites by asking readers questions? The idea is that a question forces the mind to be more engaged, you know, and readers love answering questions.

Well, Canadian Danny Iny takes it one further and asks his readers to come up with the questions, first, and then the answers.

Subscribing to his site, I therefore receive a question almost every week, and if I can think of an answer, I usually reply.

See, the question thing works…

And, just this once, my reply was chosen to be the topic for a guest post Danny would so kindly trust me to write, and which guest post appears, here, today.

Of course, I shared from my propensity NOT to practice what I preach.

Of course, when I got really real, (of all times!) he picked me.

Of course, you all can see what, from my own collection of plenty of bloopers, I dared to share, and NO, it’s not about YOU!

To say I am excited is an understatement.

So. Please go read what I wrote about surfing, (which I’ve never done, ha!) and what to do about how floods and the tide of life can drag you under (which I know a lot about!)

And comment!

And thanks a million!

I’ve Won a Hundred Bucks!

I’ll try not to be obnoxious.

I commented on a great post that was part of a blog marketing lesson at Firepole Marketing (I know, I’m not selling anything, right?) and they gave prizes to commenters.

They liked mine. A lot.

What I said related to a post I put up eons ago, which you can read here: “The Keys in the Car Caper”

I cannot express my excitement, and cannot say “thank you” enough to these kind people, but here it is again:


Thank you!