Weekly Photo Challenge: Down – 2

down under the water

Down. Under the Water

Looking into this clear stream and viewing the pebbles on the sand so surprised me. I seldom think on how much is hiding below the water, below the surface.

How easy to notice the reflection of glorious cloud billows and soaring trees, shimmering on the surface! How delightful the sparkles that wink into view and then dance away!

How common to love the outward appearance of the stream.

But to look down, to concentrate on what’s beyond the first impression, to stare deeply at what makes the stream a stream–that is like God.

When, upon looking, we find courser things such as mud, sand, dead leaves, gravel, what then?

Why! Then, elevating! Elevating grit and pebbles to positions of great importance!

For without them lying still, working their quiet work, the dancing sparkles become quagmire.