Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch-2

Launch of another winter scene, here: As you can see from the surrounding area, this is not snow, but hoarfrost. So beautiful. And the bush is a perilla that grew from seeds I threw away. Joke’s on me. And the bush smells wonderfully lovely, like licorice, at all times, even when it is dried up forContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch-2”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Between – 3

Between Frost and a Hard Place I am not sure what this phenomenon is called, but it is winter weather and it is beautiful. The nearest I can describe it is that a heavy frost was forming on a breezy morning and the results were that the frost formed only on the sides of slenderContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Between – 3”


We Got Rain! Yes, a few days ago, we got rain! It was only 3/8 inch but it was so wonderful, we sat on our front porch and got wet watching it. Then, only two days later, we received that much, again, putting us at 3/4 inch. Not much, but we were silly with excitement.Continue reading “RAIN, RAIN, COME AGAIN!”