Forget Frost on the Pumpkins!

Look what I got for frost on the pepper patch! Thanks to an abundant planting, careful tending, and a heavy frost, my son’s pepper patch yielded all these beauties, for the last pickin’. So glad to get them, as our pepper plants did poorly this year. Thanks, J&J! And thanks to the kiddos of theirsContinue reading “Forget Frost on the Pumpkins!”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter – 2

Ever seen the sunlight shining through snow? Backlit snow? Glowing? Look here: As the weak winter sun begins its morning round, the snow softens, the webwork sags and becomes visible and then backlit. Rare. A little like a church-goer who really knows the Christ. Now look at this beauty: Amazing how a just a bitContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter – 2”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Between – 3

Between Frost and a Hard Place I am not sure what this phenomenon is called, but it is winter weather and it is beautiful. The nearest I can describe it is that a heavy frost was forming on a breezy morning and the results were that the frost formed only on the sides of slenderContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Between – 3”