Forget Frost on the Pumpkins!

Look what I got for frost on the pepper patch! Thanks to an abundant planting, careful tending, and a heavy frost, my son’s pepper patch yielded all these beauties, for the last pickin’. So glad to get them, as our pepper plants did poorly this year. Thanks, J&J! And thanks to the kiddos of theirsContinue reading “Forget Frost on the Pumpkins!”

Gardening Challenge: Change

Once there was a LOT of crimson clover growing here, but we tilled it under. That part was easy because we planted a ground cover that was easy to use this way, on purpose. Imagine. It nourishes and improves the soil, lending its life to the new growth to come, but we do not needContinue reading “Gardening Challenge: Change”

Love Frozen Over!

Here’s the inside scoop on really neat tricks to make you fall in love with your freezer even more: When you harvest elderberries, pick the whole stem, freeze the whole stem inside a plastic bag, and remove the berries frozen. You get more juice into your recipe and less running down your elbows. If youContinue reading “Love Frozen Over!”