Recipes and Tips Week, as Promised – Here are some of my favorite secrets. Enjoy!

Homemade Self-rising Whole Wheat Flour 10 cups whole wheat flour 5 teaspoons salt 5 Tablespoons double-acting baking powder Sift together three times. Store very tightly covered. Substitute for self-rising flour. This really works and adds fiber to your diet. Great for pancakes, biscuits, anything you usually make with self-rising flour. So handy! Sometimes, you mayContinue reading “Recipes and Tips Week, as Promised – Here are some of my favorite secrets. Enjoy!”

Tired. Dog Tired.

This week’s posts answer several questions from a dear woman in a wrenching situation. I answered her immediately and privately, awhile back. Recently postpartum with her first child, she wonders about the effects of her wounded and out-lashing husband. She wonders if it would be better for the baby to live without a dad. HereContinue reading “Tired. Dog Tired.”

Gramma’s Wisdom – Go Faster!

Life can fill so quickly with predicaments that weaken our intentions. A simple variation can derail me. One day last spring was all about laundry until I woke up. Really late. The recent time change had messed up my life. I aimed at sleep, but missed the mark. When I asked a pharmacist about melatonin,Continue reading “Gramma’s Wisdom – Go Faster!”

Gramma’s Wisdom – Spring Cleaning

They tell me old timers used to practice Spring-cleaning every year. My mother did. For a long while, I felt guilty when I failed even to nod in that direction. Now I realize why they did it and why they had the energy. And what a blessing it was, in disguise. They had to. WinterContinue reading “Gramma’s Wisdom – Spring Cleaning”