Curses on Cursive?


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I just finished reading a great essay written by a Ph.D. who researches the brain for improved learning. His brilliant work, quoted by writers, everywhere, who know the outcome more than the process, reveals:

We need to learn cursive.

Duh, right?

Dr. Klemm states that the activity in the brain changes when we hand write our essays, our notes, etc.

He even says children learn the alphabet and what it means, BETTER, when they write it out, even in printing, and even when they only make introductory stroke marks intended for eventually learning the alphabet.

I always knew that.

I could never prove it, but writing always works that way for me. My hand is correct, smooth, and readable as I begin, and morphs into a garbled, twisted mess as I continue recording my thoughts for you while I find them, organize them, scratch through some of them, rewrite them . . .

When I know it is important that I reach deep into my being and produce quality writing that connects for far more people than usual, I get out lined paper and a pen or pencil.

Preferably a pencil, and I know Dr. Klemm will eventually discover this about writing, too:

Pencils rule. Pencils give more freedom, due to erasing capabilities. Pencils are aware, making soft, appreciative and encouraging sounds that correspond to the thoughts they are recording. Pencils are more straightforward, humbly walking in direct contact with the paper, instead of roller-skating around uncooperatively.

It’s enough to fight for control of my thoughts, let alone of my writing tool.

But I digress.

My point is that those who would destroy a country would, of course, furiously aim at removing the skill that enables the people to reach more deeply into their souls and draw out quality expression that appeals to many.

To destroy a country, one must stop its Thomas Payne and Thomas Jefferson types, no?

Home’s Cool!

Homeschool Family Hit Hard…

I am sorry to have to report this, but I think you will want to help. The Tittle Family of Reformation Kidz , a supplier of curriculum content for home schooling families, lost three members in last night’s horrific tornado just north of Little Rock.

Mr. Tittle and two of the eldest daughters all perished in this disaster that left their home looking like this:

remains of the home

remains of the home

I only post this because I think there are those out there who would want to know what a person can do for fellow homeschoolers in such a horrible situation. You might find an answer at this link, which is to a benefit already set up for them.

Please pray about what you should do.


Overheard: He’s Gonna Getcha.

I hear a lot of great stuff where I go to church, and the idea of sharing it thrills me.

Then I get nervous.

Maybe you wouldn’t like it as I do. Maybe you would resent it. Maybe you would click off. Maybe you would unsubscribe.

But then I back away and realize some of it really is excellent and who knows but that you might just love it as I do.

So here goes: something I heard a year ago, posted once, but just wanted to share again. Enjoy.

The Arkansas Gospel

Let me make this clear.

You don’t go to Heaven because God loves you, nor because you love Him.

You don’t go to Heaven because you amend your sinful ways or clean up your act.

Turning over a new leaf is rehabilitation, but it is not salvation.

Education is not the answer.

Reformation is not the answer.

Legislation is not the answer.

Jesus is the answer.

We go to Heaven because Jesus saves us through His work on the Cross.

Don’t be separated from God any longer.

Give your sinful life to Jesus at the Cross, bury it in baptism, and be born again of the Spirit of God.

That is how you enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

That reminded me of a story I heard once:
“He IS Out to Get You!”

Hernando DeSoto Bridge takes Interstate 40 acr...

Leaving West Memphis . . .

A woman was driving alone, one night, on a long trip. Having just left a convenience store and taken the on ramp back to the Interstate, she felt not so lonely because some guy had held the door for her as he’d left the store. She noticed he also on-ramped when she did—a friendly face for the journey.

As she traveled, though, she thought she noticed his car following her too close. When she increased her speed a bit to make some distance, his car also increased its speed.

Tensing, and persuading herself it was coincidence, she began weaving through traffic, checking her rear view mirror.

That car followed her every move.

She upped her speed to 80, which she usually never did, and the car was still right behind her.

She could think of nothing to do but exit again, where there was civilization, and force that driver to change plans.

It was a long five miles to the exit.

Carefully, she scooted through traffic into the right lane at the last minute, without signaling, almost missed the exit, and looked up to realize that car loomed closer than ever.

There was no choice, now, but to tear into a gas station parking area, laying on the horn, screech to a stop, throw open the door, and, in desperation, flee into the building, sobbing.

Simultaneously, the driver of the other car also slammed on his brakes, and threw open his door with an angry grimace, running directly to her car, tore open the back door, and grabbed a ski-masked man from the floorboard, beating him until he collapsed.

And you don’t know it, but you’ve got trouble in your back seat.

And God is following you.

And He will never give up, so you might as well.

A New-Found Friend

Ireland's Highest Peak

Ireland’s Highest Peak (Photo credit: mozzercork)

For weeks, a wonderful guy in Ireland has been helping this Grandma with WordPress questions/problems. He is instant and constant and cheery and seems to LOVE helping. Makes life so nice.

He never made me feel dumb and never asked for a thing except a chance to help a bit more, if needed.

I checked out his site (shared with a brother) called Happy Guide, which is all about helping folks be happy.

Anyone would be happy to claim two such sons.

I haven’t read the whole thing, but I have read one page: “How to Overcome ME/CFS” and I was shocked and amazed.

It was so Biblical, and therefore, useful for me, I can only be glad–happy–to find it.

Hope you check them out.


And thanks, James!

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Changes inside my house. (You get to vote…)

Another Weekly Photo Challenge

Before we repainted the ceiling in our sunroom, the furniture was arranged in this way:

Old sunroom

Old sunroom

Now that we have a new, weak-winter-sky blue ceiling, we tried rearranging it in this way:

New sunroom

New sunroom

It may be hard to tell without the books yet in the bookcases, but I’d like an opinion from you,  dear reader,  about which way looks better.  THANKS!

Vote here: