Curses on Cursive?

I just finished reading a great essay written by a Ph.D. who researches the brain for improved learning. His brilliant work, quoted by writers, everywhere, who know the outcome more than the process, reveals: We need to learn cursive. Duh, right? Dr. Klemm states that the activity in the brain changes when we hand writeContinue reading “Curses on Cursive?”

Homeschool Family Hit Hard…

I am sorry to have to report this, but I think you will want to help. The Tittle Family of Reformation Kidz , a supplier of curriculum content for home schooling families, lost three members in last night’s horrific tornado just north of Little Rock. Mr. Tittle and two of the eldest daughters all perishedContinue reading “Homeschool Family Hit Hard…”

A New-Found Friend

For weeks, a wonderful guy in Ireland has been helping this Grandma with WordPress questions/problems. He is instant and constant and cheery and seems to LOVE helping. Makes life so nice. He never made me feel dumb and never asked for a thing except a chance to help a bit more, if needed. I checkedContinue reading “A New-Found Friend”

Changes inside my house. (You get to vote…)

Another Weekly Photo Challenge Before we repainted the ceiling in our sunroom, the furniture was arranged in this way: Now that we have a new, weak-winter-sky blue ceiling, we tried rearranging it in this way: It may be hard to tell without the books yet in the bookcases, but I’d like an opinion from you,Continue reading “Changes inside my house. (You get to vote…)”