Ten Subtle Hints that You Might Be Someone’s Marionette

Panneau marionette


Is this “feeling” of being under outside control more than just a feeling?

You may be starting to wonder, “Am I being controlled? Is this something I should begin taking more seriously? Could this problem person in my life be a bigger problem than I am realizing?”

Read the following list and wonder no more. Fine tune your manipulation radar and live free!

  1. You cringe when the phone rings. And it almost always rings at the wrong time. Like when you are trying to get some work done. And it almost always is that person.
  2. The problem person is surrounded with weak people who always cater to him and ask you to do likewise. She has lots of friends. But they act worn out and bored all the time.
  3. You cannot remember “how I got into this.” Often. You end up despairing because you have too much to do. You do not feel comfortable just saying “no”.
  4. You deal with this person’s needs before your own, and can’t figure why. Enough said.
  5. Being polite has not helped. In fact, sometimes it seems to bring out the worst in her.
  6. Your problem person has accused you falsely, several times, of nit-picky things. You feel stupid negating it, so you sigh and let it go.
  7. Your spouse is getting tired of this. And you really cannot blame him.
  8. You fear hurting the problem person’s feelings. You care.
  9. Even when you take a vacation, hundreds of miles from this person, his name or troubles pop up in conversations, so there still is no rest.
  10. Your friends are backing away a bit. You are weird with this friend…

There you have it. Do you feel more certain now? You may be a marionette, but you still can cut at least a few of the strings that lead you around and at least tone down the level of outside control over your life. Read the previous posts to learn more, here, here, and here.

And live free.

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