For the Rest of Your Life…

Ever been so tired you just could not get going? Exhaustion is not my friend, and not yours, either! We can figure this out with only a little bit of the few brain cells we have left by mid-afternoon!
Of course, sometimes we all have to make do with a cup of coffee, but then sometimes it is more important that you get a little R. E. S. T.
Learn more! You’ll be glad!

10,080 Minutes Very Near Hell

Where is the place that is very near hell? It is the apex, the place where ascent weakens to the weakest possible point, the beginning of the end, the molecule of time before the descent. It is a place of deep sorrow and pain. It is a place of helplessness and confusion. It is aContinue reading “10,080 Minutes Very Near Hell”

Sunday Scriptures: Good Morning!

…Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. Psalm 30:5   Related articles Night of Weeping; Joyous Day (Spurgeon’s Faith’s Checkbook) ( Night of Weeping; Joyous Day ( Weeping May Endure (

What Is Your Worst Fear?

Staggering Michigan Family Violently Targeted After Standing Against Teacher Who Molested Their 8th Grade Son Be sure also to watch the videos. All I can say is: Home school, for pity’s sake. ______________ Big addendum. I totally forgot about this old post of mine, here. It’ll curdle your blood.

The Traumatic “What-If”

The traumatic what-ifs happen. They happen to very nice people. They can ruin sleep and even ruin life for people who basically did nothing wrong. Sometimes we think what if about the future. What if a tornado were to strike? What if a burglar came to the door? What if I miscarry? What if theContinue reading “The Traumatic “What-If””