Where Is Your Favorite Vacation?

I live about an hour from the loveliest little spot for a vacation. Seriously, it has EVERYTHING! Let me count the ways: Antiquing. Lots of antique stores for your viewing/shopping pleasure. One huge mall and many small near-museums with absolutely everything. Seriously, I almost hate to share this part of it. I want it allContinue reading “Where Is Your Favorite Vacation?”

A New-Found Friend

For weeks, a wonderful guy in Ireland has been helping this Grandma with WordPress questions/problems. He is instant and constant and cheery and seems to LOVE helping. Makes life so nice. He never made me feel dumb and never asked for a thing except a chance to help a bit more, if needed. I checkedContinue reading “A New-Found Friend”

Cabin Fever and Its Cure

Stuck. Many people have been stuck inside all day for many days. Many people and their children have been stuck  inside all day for many days. Results? CABIN FEVER The symptoms can look like a dread disease and fool even the wisest of moms: Lethargy Depression Loss of appetite It’s enough to make a momContinue reading “Cabin Fever and Its Cure”

Changes inside my house. (You get to vote…)

Another Weekly Photo Challenge Before we repainted the ceiling in our sunroom, the furniture was arranged in this way: Now that we have a new, weak-winter-sky blue ceiling, we tried rearranging it in this way: It may be hard to tell without the books yet in the bookcases, but I’d like an opinion from you,Continue reading “Changes inside my house. (You get to vote…)”