For the Rest of Your Life…

Ever been so tired you just could not get going? Exhaustion is not my friend, and not yours, either! We can figure this out with only a little bit of the few brain cells we have left by mid-afternoon!
Of course, sometimes we all have to make do with a cup of coffee, but then sometimes it is more important that you get a little R. E. S. T.
Learn more! You’ll be glad!

Where Is Your Favorite Vacation?

I live about an hour from the loveliest little spot for a vacation. Seriously, it has EVERYTHING! Let me count the ways: Antiquing. Lots of antique stores for your viewing/shopping pleasure. One huge mall and many small near-museums with absolutely everything. Seriously, I almost hate to share this part of it. I want it allContinue reading “Where Is Your Favorite Vacation?”

Child Star

Screenshot from a public domain film The Little Princess (1939) starring Shirley Temple and Richard Greene (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Shirley Temple died today. She was 85, which is hard to imagine. I watched her darling performances when I was a child, and loved her, wanted to be her. She was about 35 years old, then,Continue reading “Child Star”

Do You Live with an Editor?

I can find anyone’s mistake. When folks misuse an adjective as an adverb, I mentally add, “-ly!” Yes, I mentally add the exclamation point; cannot let it go. When someone picks up the wrong fork for his salad, I have to concentrate on my own salad or I forget to eat it. When a wordContinue reading “Do You Live with an Editor?”

As Promised: Sour Dough Bread

My facebook friends have asked me how I do this, so here goes! What I love about this bread recipe is that the steps are spread over two days, leaving me time to do many other things, such as laundry or shopping, between steps. It’s just more convenient for the way I live and operate.Continue reading “As Promised: Sour Dough Bread”

The Last Bouquet

Traces. Old roses, pouring out a Springtime show, a last reaching for the sun, blooming, rich scented musk, and we inhale delight. Tomorrow we will be satisfied with the damp, spent fragrance of fading roses, and gather spent and fallen petals to dry and save for dark places that welcome old scent. Their baby cousins left outdoorsContinue reading “The Last Bouquet”

Color Me Boring

Another WordPress Photo Challenge I have always liked the browns and blacks of life. My favorite weather is a winter day with no leaves on the trees and plenty of clouds in the sky. Add some fog and it’s perfect. My husband calls me morbid. I cannot help it. One of my first embroidery projectsContinue reading “Color Me Boring”