Need 3 Good Reasons to Spring Clean?

1. I’ll start at the beginning, with fear. You do not want your children to be bitten by a black widow or a brown recluse. Period. So you must take every everything out of bookcases and toy boxes, from behind freezers and washers and dryers, and turn everything upside down looking for the black widow’sContinue reading “Need 3 Good Reasons to Spring Clean?”

Curses on Cursive?

I just finished reading a great essay written by a Ph.D. who researches the brain for improved learning. His brilliant work, quoted by writers, everywhere, who know the outcome more than the process, reveals: We need to learn cursive. Duh, right? Dr. Klemm states that the activity in the brain changes when we hand writeContinue reading “Curses on Cursive?”

You’re Teaching Adults, Did You Know?

“Did you notice?” I asked my husband that question recently, and he just nodded. We were watching an adult who acted just like a little spoiled child. Ever seen that? And how it’s harming us all? Sure you have! And there’s a remedy for it, an easy remedy. And you can play your part. We see soContinue reading “You’re Teaching Adults, Did You Know?”