Guestpost at Tiffany’s!

My friend, Tiffany’s blog site, that is! We’ve “known” each other a long time, but never met. She loves on new-born babies as they enter this harsh world, with total gentleness, I’m sure breaking the shock for the little ones she holds so dear. She loves on grown ups the same way. Which explains whyContinue reading “Guestpost at Tiffany’s!”

Friends Like Jesus – A Guest Post

A couple of years ago, I read Katharine’s series on friendship. This blog series triggered some major self-reflection and prayer. It arrived at a time when I was struggling with too many commitments to too many people, and was finding myself utterly drained, and struggling with guilt that I could not be everything to everyone.Continue reading “Friends Like Jesus – A Guest Post”

Joy is a gift.

Joy is a gift, given to Believers as they grow in maturity in Christ. Galatians 5:22 Contentment is a command. Happiness depends on happenstance. As soon as we learn that, we more often have all three.   Related articles God-Given Joy ( Momentous Joy ( Joy To Your World (

Cabin Fever and Its Cure

Stuck. Many people have been stuck inside all day for many days. Many people and their children have been stuck  inside all day for many days. Results? CABIN FEVER The symptoms can look like a dread disease and fool even the wisest of moms: Lethargy Depression Loss of appetite It’s enough to make a momContinue reading “Cabin Fever and Its Cure”

Giving Tuesday?

I’m supposed to have posted about my favorite nearby charity. I was totally shocked to discover my favorite charity does business a half day’s drive away from me, in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. That’s an unassuming place. It’s an unassuming mission: providing surgery and prosthesis for Christians injured during persecution. Among other facets. It just kills me toContinue reading “Giving Tuesday?”