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Click “Undo” – 5

Hi! We’re discussing how to reclaim a nearly lost child, here. If you’d like easy access, Part 1 appears here.

Part 2 is here.

Part 3, here.

And Part 4.

And now, on to the finale:

Seventh, do not stop encouraging him. Of course, you must mark wrong answers, but you must also show him what is right about his work.

Is his handwriting improving? Tell him.

Is he missing fewer math problems? Tell him.

Is his work progressing faster since he found new resolve? Tell him.

He cannot measure himself by his classmates anymore (and that is a very good thing) so your recording of his successes, however small they may seem to you, will mean much to him.

Eighth, touch him. He may be a touch-me-not, but you can pull rank.

Tell him, “You may not like lots of cuddles, but you are my child and I’d like to know whom else I can hug!”

Scientists say that loving touch works like vitamins for children and that children who receive pats and hugs are measurably smarter and healthier, even grow taller, than those who do not. His teachers probably feared that it was illegal to supply this for him, but now is different.

The home-schooled student truly does have every advantage.

These advantages are the reason we do this. As we begin to point our child in the way he should go, we can know that we are giving him the advantage that lasts forever.

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