Gramma’s Wisdom – Chicken Sense

Last spring we had tried repeatedly to coax our new hennies to venture outdoors. They’d  spent their short lives huddled under a warming lamp and were afraid of anything but their gloomy four walls. Staying cooped up weakens their health. They were late in maturing, they ought to have been laying by then. We wereContinue reading “Gramma’s Wisdom – Chicken Sense”

Gramma’s Wisdom – Are We Disposable?

  Today while I was tidying the kitchen, I made fresh coffee in my favorite two-cup pot. It’s an old-time drip-through I found at a garage sale, stocky and leaky, but it makes the best couple o’ cups around. It made me think of me. Not as shiny as I used to be, out ofContinue reading “Gramma’s Wisdom – Are We Disposable?”