Failure Is NOT Fatal . . . IF – Part 2

Failure Is NOT Fatal IF . . . We remember that God’s love and forgiveness are not dependent upon our success. No matter how you have failed, no matter what sin you have allowed into your life, the Savior who died for you still loves you. He loved you and died for you when youContinue reading “Failure Is NOT Fatal . . . IF – Part 2”

Failure Is NOT Fatal . . . IF – Part 1

Peter’s tale of failure scares us. It seems too close to our own, sometimes. However, Peter’s story can encourage us when we realize what we can learn from it. Jesus told Peter that after he had denied Him, he would return to the truth, and that then he was to encourage his brethren. (Luke 22:32)Continue reading “Failure Is NOT Fatal . . . IF – Part 1”

Failure Is NOT Fatal!

Last week I watched a children’s spelling bee. The children had practiced for weeks. Several broke down when they were eliminated. Mothers comforted them, dried their tears, and assured them they were not failures. Jobs! Marriages! Children! Friends! Failure can feel never-ending. It can make you want never to show your face again. We fear failureContinue reading “Failure Is NOT Fatal!”

God’s Dishonor Roll – Part 3

Consider the times of Jesus. The whole New Testament demonstrates to the world that Jesus is the Son of God by His deeds and by His death. And His 12 Apostles had a front row seat for the whole thing. Let’s look at what they saw, as recorded by Matthew the Apostle: Jesus drove outContinue reading “God’s Dishonor Roll – Part 3”

God’s Dishonor Roll

I wonder how many have never done anything wrong. How many could stand before God and say, “I have never made a mistake. I have never failed at anything.”? The truth is that we’ve all made mistakes, experienced failure, sinned, falling short of God‘s plan, God’s intention for us. For all have sinned and fall shortContinue reading “God’s Dishonor Roll”