Where Do You Home School?

You could study in the rain, perhaps?

Some can study in the rain?

Here is a partial list that will inspire you through the end of the winter doldrums and on into the joys of SPRING!

  1. Car.
  2. Park.
  3. Blanket under a shade tree.
  4. Hospital waiting room.
  5. Front porch (although the swing may cause motion sickness.)
  6. Grandma’s house.
  7. Mall.
  8. Restaurant.
  9. Van.
  10. Oak tree.
  11. Play house.
  12. Floor.
  13. Recliner.
  14. Deck.
  15. Kitchen table.
  16. Cushy window seat.
  17. Under a tent made of blankets draped over your bedroom furniture.
  18. Inside a real tent.
  19. Public library.
  20. Church.
  21. A friend’s house.
  22. Basement.
  23. Attic.

Now. You’re turn! Which of the above would be your children’s favorites? Where else can we study?

I’ve Won a Hundred Bucks!

I’ll try not to be obnoxious.

I commented on a great post that was part of a blog marketing lesson at Firepole Marketing (I know, I’m not selling anything, right?) and they gave prizes to commenters.

They liked mine. A lot.

What I said related to a post I put up eons ago, which you can read here: “The Keys in the Car Caper”

I cannot express my excitement, and cannot say “thank you” enough to these kind people, but here it is again:


Thank you!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

He said, “Figuring out what I want to do next.”

Just an artist with a louder paintbrush, he says.

Definitely too loud for a baby!

Such an adorable tot.

You’ll knot escape the watchful gaze of a mama bear.

“X” marks the spot for the tail, and the end of this photo tale.

I was so excited to be able to take photos of this artist

creating this sculpture as a promotion

for the 50th anniversary of our hardware store.

Imagine my shock-surprise to find the Photo Challenge: Create!

Sometimes it helps to be somewhere, anywhere;

then you end up in the right place at the right time.