You can never go home.

The Prescott Family Home

The Prescott Family Home (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I posted two fun posts awhile back, here and here, but they always bothered me. I think maybe I allowed the posts to get off the point. Perhaps I even mistakenly pointed it in the wrong direction.

I wrote about motherhood, about whether we do anything or not, about pay, about respect, and tried to do so in a humorous way.

From this distance, though, I am beginning to think a tiny bit differently, and that tiny shift can make a big difference.

The whole topic is not about motherhood, as we joked. It is not about pay or even about volunteerism. I have just realized it is not even about work.

If I confused anyone, I am sorry. Pretty sure it was my fault.

So What’s It About?

It is about WHERE we work.

Those who loaf at a polished desk are counted in the work force if that polished desk is not at home.

Those who stay actively busy for 20 out of 24 hours, producing, advancing society, trying to improve life for everyone they touch, are not counted in the work force, if they do all this at home.

This is really, truly, about the destruction and devaluation of the home, and, guilty by association, the stay-at-home woman.

Go home. If you do, you will finally grasp what life is all about.