A Cure for “The Quits” – Part 2

Related to losing the vision, yet distinct in a way, sometimes we know what God has said and we determine to do it, but we fail to count the cost. (Luke 14:28-30) If we do not count the cost, we can find ourselves unprepared to pay the cost. This can make the cost seem tooContinue reading “A Cure for “The Quits” – Part 2″

All Parents Home School – 4

The Excuses For what they’re worth As for our excuses, well… If we abandon them for a second income, we teach them that money is more important than people are. If we abandon them for our own “career”, we teach them that motherhood is not worthy of consideration as a career. If we abandon themContinue reading “All Parents Home School – 4”

No Such Thing as a Single Income Family!

Big announcement: Parents who home educate their children must have someone at home. We may quibble about which parent must stay, but no doubt someone simply must. Lots of people think keeping a parent at home precludes being a two income family, but it does not. The act of staying home saves so much, oneContinue reading “No Such Thing as a Single Income Family!”