An Anatomy of Pain – What in the World IS Forgiveness??

What Is Forgiveness? – The Word often depicts forgiveness as one of the most important teachings. But WHAT is it? Well, let’s start with what it is not. Forgiveness is NOT: Saying, “Oh, it’s okay.” You can only say this if no one did you wrong, if you wouldn’t mind if they did it again.Continue reading “An Anatomy of Pain – What in the World IS Forgiveness??”

An Anatomy of Pain – Remember, the World Hurts, Like a Sledge Hammer

Why it Hurts – Sticks and stones . . . you know names can hurt worse. A bruise from a stone heals in a week or two, but the pain from name calling can last as long as your memory. It can last as long as we let it. We can let it hurt forContinue reading “An Anatomy of Pain – Remember, the World Hurts, Like a Sledge Hammer”

An Anatomy of Pain

This is not about physical pain, although all women, and especially all wives, are great experts at physical pain. After having 6 children and around 2000 migraines, I certainly am. But this is about the pain that attacks your soul, the confusion, indecision, and heartbreaks that can blindside us all. Like when the doctor tellsContinue reading “An Anatomy of Pain”

I Haven’t Made My Bed, Yet…

…No, my bed sits all a-jumble. However, on a different topic, I found the most amazing thing while I was waiting for the bedding to make itself. 😉 I was just checking regular emails and discovered some news. In New York City, if you are very rich, you can get Special special education from theContinue reading “I Haven’t Made My Bed, Yet…”

Attitude? Awareness? Vision? How Can a Tutor Know?

I used to tutor. Once, a young mother came to me for help with her first-grader daughter. The girl had been in a private school and was producing perfect work, daily, but on the following days, she seemingly knew nothing from the day before. Everyone was puzzled. The mom had heard about home schooling, foundContinue reading “Attitude? Awareness? Vision? How Can a Tutor Know?”

Scream Carrot Gardening and How to Stay Alive

In the summer, we still teach our children. You know we teach them all the time, right? One summer, we were all out in the garden learning about how hard carrots can be to pull up. It was fun, though, a sort of tug-o-war between children and carrots, with Mom along to man the shovelContinue reading “Scream Carrot Gardening and How to Stay Alive”

How a Crazy Picnic Morphed into a Sweet Memory

Long ago—oh, so long ago—we set out, trembling but sure, with little but our dear children and sheer determination, to home school. Our children had endured unhappy experiences where they were, we had tired of the huge expense of a private education that produced unhappiness, and we imagined we could do at least as wellContinue reading “How a Crazy Picnic Morphed into a Sweet Memory”