Recipes and Tips Week, as Promised – Here are some of my favorite secrets. Enjoy!

Homemade Self-rising Whole Wheat Flour 10 cups whole wheat flour 5 teaspoons salt 5 Tablespoons double-acting baking powder Sift together three times. Store very tightly covered. Substitute for self-rising flour. This really works and adds fiber to your diet. Great for pancakes, biscuits, anything you usually make with self-rising flour. So handy! Sometimes, you mayContinue reading “Recipes and Tips Week, as Promised – Here are some of my favorite secrets. Enjoy!”

Whew! This Is Getting Deep!

Next week won’t be much better, but come on and get a great start to the most hectic time on earth–America’s solstice social habits. I promise, after November 7th, we’ll get on to something lighter, like recipes and time savers. We’ll need the break. After all, recipes and time savers are part of being home,Continue reading “Whew! This Is Getting Deep!”

Tired, Alone, Scared, Misguided, but Safe in the Everlasting Arms

Here is a horrifying truth: A great number of women are satisfied with having an ungodly husband until something causes them to start thinking about the results. Having children causes us to think more carefully. We suddenly can see that marrying an unsaved man was a wrong decision. What we do not see is theContinue reading “Tired, Alone, Scared, Misguided, but Safe in the Everlasting Arms”

Tire, Alone, Scared, and Misguided

Many a wife has thought as you do, that her husband has never been the spiritual leader in the home, but just for a moment, rethink. Many a husband is a poor spiritual leader, but every husband is ordained by God to be the leader in matters of the Spirit. If he leads poorly, stillContinue reading “Tire, Alone, Scared, and Misguided”

Tired, Alone, and Scared Half to Death

I wish I could know if your questions were for “maybe someday” or if you are actually experiencing real danger. There is such a huge difference. If you think your husband might soon kill you or your child, you must get yourselves out of danger and seek guidance from strong Christians in your area. LetContinue reading “Tired, Alone, and Scared Half to Death”

Tired and All, All Alone

How quickly solitude can flip, can convert to loneliness! No one else you know has just delivered a baby, at your age, right? Where can you find support? No one else you know lives with quite such a quarrelsome husband, right? To whom would you dare confess? You are not all alone, though, if youContinue reading “Tired and All, All Alone”

Tired. Dog Tired.

This week’s posts answer several questions from a dear woman in a wrenching situation. I answered her immediately and privately, awhile back. Recently postpartum with her first child, she wonders about the effects of her wounded and out-lashing husband. She wonders if it would be better for the baby to live without a dad. HereContinue reading “Tired. Dog Tired.”