My Favorite Woman

Today, as I folded old newspapers for the bottom layer of mulch around our front porch, I remembered the news. I hesitated to fold up the miners’ widows and children and place them down there with the earthworms. From an armload of the past year, I folded up wars and rumors of wars, and earthquakesContinue reading “My Favorite Woman”

In the Maelstrom

Time for a totally honest blog. I just finished reading a lengthy public apology written by a sweet, unassuming lady who has been attacked with nasty politics on the blogosphere. Her reply to the meanness around her was well-thought-out and gently, but firmly, put. I wish I could have her popularity on the Internet, butContinue reading “In the Maelstrom”

An Anatomy of Pain – Conclusion

What then are we to make of suffering? If we are The Called, in Christ Jesus, everything that happens to us is for some higher purpose, even when life DOES go our way. We can know for sure that the pain of suffering unfair treatment, like all other things, works for good. The Scriptures promiseContinue reading “An Anatomy of Pain – Conclusion”

An Anatomy of Pain – The Real Enemy

Chess pawn 0985.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Oh, if only forgiveness were the end of it! But it’s just the beginning. Suffering doesn’t stop just because we’ve been nice. Our real enemy (who is not a human enemy), knows how to move his pawns and which buttons to push. Sometimes forgiveness must become more like aContinue reading “An Anatomy of Pain – The Real Enemy”

Tired and All, All Alone

How quickly solitude can flip, can convert to loneliness! No one else you know has just delivered a baby, at your age, right? Where can you find support? No one else you know lives with quite such a quarrelsome husband, right? To whom would you dare confess? You are not all alone, though, if youContinue reading “Tired and All, All Alone”