Announcing Another New Page – Recipes!



I know this site is a mix.

But so is home life.

One minute you’re mopping the face of a heart-broken pre-schooler
while dispensing wisdom about overcoming heartbreak.

The next minute, supper is due.

Or past due.

You come here for help and encouragement about the home.

Me, too, sometimes.

And if I am not feeding a soul, I am feeding a tummy.

Or 17 tummies.

And looking for that recipe.

Or wishing for a new recipe.

When one of my own recipe cards is lost, I come here, myself.


I need that recipe!

When you need a recipe,

or a boot in the motivator,

or you just want to think about food,


 And have fun.

P.S. I know I have not found all the recipes I’ve posted at Home’s Cool, and need to search for more. They’re tucked into all sorts of places, kinda like at my house. If you find one somewhere, here, and it’s not on the new page, let me know, please. I’ll send you a yum recipe of your choice from my private stash as a reward.

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