Don’t Can in the Fall?

Some of the best canning I know of happens in the fall. I love canning quick breads to use for fancy fun, such as those delicate get-togethers where our mothers used to wear white gloves and hats, where the napkins are real and the butter is whipped and the goodies are all made from scratch.Continue reading “Don’t Can in the Fall?”

This time last year…

…I had just finished posting three essays on gifts. Lot of folks liked them, so, here they are again, easy to find, for you to enjoy. Be a Gift The Gift of Peace The Gift of Poverty The Gifts of the Magi Then, the year before, a similar series, including the following: The Best GiftContinue reading “This time last year…”

The Best Gift I Ever Received

Receive You can build On sand and be filled With hopes that just wash away. But there’s a Rock That will unlock All the fears you have of dying. He wants to give life to you And all He’s asking of you Is to receive. All the time That you’ve been blind He’s opened HisContinue reading “The Best Gift I Ever Received”

The Gift of Peace

Serenity Tranquility, calmness, peacefulness, quietude, stillness, composure, coolness, poise, contentment, repose, mellowness . . . WHAT on earth is peace on earth? We write poems about it, take classes to learn it, build our houses to achieve it, take vacations to find it elsewhere, and even try screaming to see if we can’t get aContinue reading “The Gift of Peace”