Can I Teach You to Love Ironing?

Good morning!

Let me ask you: Do you wade into laundry chores with a smile?

I thought not.

I’ve recently taken up a challenge to teach someone to love ironing. Not sure I can succeed, but wondered if anyone out there is as crazy as I am, and actually loves to do ironing.

Hoping I can connect with a few others, you know, so I don’t feel so very–umm–odd!

Let me know how I did!


In Honor of the Peanut Butter Thing…

Today is National Peanut Butter Day? So they say. Well I decided to share with you my connection to the lowly peanut, and the butter we make from it. Forty-five years ago (tomorrow!) I acquired a wonderful, brand new husband. Never looked back. However, it wasn’t long before we were sharing a tad of morningContinue reading “In Honor of the Peanut Butter Thing…”