Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration

We recently went to the Garvin Gardens light display in Hot Springs, AR. It was beautiful, but outside of a brief nod to the Santa stuff, it was mostly not even about Christmas, let alone about the Nativity. Shown here is a water feature that includes a tree transformed by night in to a blueContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration”

. . . They Brought to Him Gifts . . .

The first recorded baby shower in the world, perhaps, was when the Magi brought to Joseph and Mary, and their new baby, Jesus, three amazing gifts from their traveling treasure chests. Gold What? No gift card for Baby Gap? No. Gold. Gold cannot be canceled and is the standard for all worth. Just as JesusContinue reading “. . . They Brought to Him Gifts . . .”

An Incredible Gift

She was incredibly poor. A girl I’ll call Sharon lived down the country road from our house, in a piece of rental property meant to be a hunters’ cabin. Drafty, leaky, and termite-infested, it at least provided some privacy for Sharon’s family: her unemployed parents and her 10-year-old baby sister. When the church brought us meals after oneContinue reading “An Incredible Gift”

It Was a Gift

I used to live near a sweet and cheery lady named Joi. She and her husband were quite poor, he being a sacker in a grocery and both of them trying hard to earn college degrees, with four children in a two-bedroom house.Joi and I were friends and she was a constant amazement to me.Continue reading “It Was a Gift”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

These men are waiting. They may look like they are quite active, but I know them. One is 80 years old, and the other is not far behind him. They devote their days to making improvements they will never enjoy, such as planting trees on Arbor Day. They do enjoy much of it, though. TheContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting”

I Have Slept . . .

 . . . but I did not dream. I love dreams, except for nightmares. I love recalling those crazy twisted dreams and trying to figure what was going on in my head that I could have thought such things when my mind was disengaged. They say “house” dreams are about yourself, so the one IContinue reading “I Have Slept . . .”