Tired and All, All Alone

How quickly solitude can flip, can convert to loneliness! No one else you know has just delivered a baby, at your age, right? Where can you find support? No one else you know lives with quite such a quarrelsome husband, right? To whom would you dare confess? You are not all alone, though, if youContinue reading “Tired and All, All Alone”

Gramma’s Wisdom – Small Things

Scripture says knowing God’s will is a blessing. Sometimes doing it is hard. At every step, the enemy of our souls is waiting for an opportunity to take out anyone he can and always watching for a chance to steal, kill, and destroy. We can be his victims. Or we can fight that good fightContinue reading “Gramma’s Wisdom – Small Things”

Gramma’s Wisdom – Are We Disposable?

  Today while I was tidying the kitchen, I made fresh coffee in my favorite two-cup pot. It’s an old-time drip-through I found at a garage sale, stocky and leaky, but it makes the best couple o’ cups around. It made me think of me. Not as shiny as I used to be, out ofContinue reading “Gramma’s Wisdom – Are We Disposable?”