Leaving the Twilight Zone

Amazingly helpful site, inspired by one woman’s painful experiences. My nod to Mental Health Month.


It was time to get back to work following a closed head injury.  I thought everything was going well and my simple concussion was resolved.  Oh, if I only knew what was yet to come.  So by Monday November 4, 1991 and 5 days later I was ready to return to work.  After all a few days have passed since I was hit in the head and certainly there should not be any reason to keep me from working.

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3 thoughts on “Leaving the Twilight Zone

    • Oh, I know what you mean! This one was a bit long, but worth it, I thought. This poor woman was a nurse who was attacked, I think by a patient, but maybe by a relative of a patient. Anyway, for nurses attacked on the job, there is little recourse. The site is new and I expect great things of it in a short time!
      Thanks for your kind words. Hope you leave a few over at her site, too. 🙂

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