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A Note to All Bullied Kids

English: Bullying on IRFE in March 5, 2007, th...
Bullying on IRFE in March 5, 2007, the first class day.

Suicide is not a good answer.

But home schooling is.

Work for a right to homeschool for all children.

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14 thoughts on “A Note to All Bullied Kids

  1. Hi, I rili connect with your blog. Wrote a diary about bullying on my blog recently. People rili need to realize the harm that comes from bullying and maybe you’re right. Maybe home school is the best. Haven’t done enuf research on it so I can’t say. But its certainly safer. Thanks a lot. PS: follow my blog n check my posts, u myt like them. Thanks

    1. Hello, Carnelia, and Welcome to Home’s Cool! I am so glad you stopped and joined us! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Homeschooling can be better for many kids. Things that make homeschooling better are:

      1. If there is at least one parent at home. It doesn’t work if the kids are left alone during work hours. Actually, that is not exactly a home, then, just unsupervised kids in a crash pad.
      2. If the home is a safe place. It doesn’t work if the parents are druggies or child-abusers. Actually, that is not exactly a home, either, and needs intervention for the hours when the kids HAVE to be home. In fact, the kids might need a different home, then.

      If those two criteria are met, then the home certainly is a safer place. It also is true that kids trained at home make higher scores on Norms-Referenced tests such as the Iowa Basic Skills. Lots higher. And that makes college entrance easier for those who are homeschooled. Another factor making college entrance easier for our kids is that the colleges have learned homeschooled kids do better, do not drop out so much, pay their loans better, etc.

      Also, teens who homeschool can begin a home business, if they want. (AND if their schoolwork is done! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Actually, if they want, they can use a business math course as a good time to begin a business, combining with that course, turning the business into part of the schooling effort.

      Oh, and there is the great influence of a great mommy, which I think you know can be a very good thing . . . ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Thanks again, for stopping by and I hope you come by again! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thanks a lot for helping me understand that. We have very few children home schooled in Nigeria. Its good to know the facts about it. I rili appreciate your inputs and always welcome them.

      1. Well, the government doesn’t neccessarily have a view point on it so far. Most parents though become so busy trying to earn more money than they already have, they spend so much to have someone else take care of their kids right from pre school. I do not know anyone here who was home schooled except those who couldn’t afford an education, n dats not home schooling, its just a way to handle poverty, the poor kids aquire knowledge on the streets.

        1. Oh, that’s pretty much how it is here, too. Only it is against the law for children not to get an education of some sort in the government schools, at least. But the hallways of these schools sometimes are hardly different from “acquiring knowledge on the streets” as you said. Because the government has outlawed the Bible in their schools, the result is that those who would do right have become timid. This includes the few teachers who are Christian. This is why bullying is growing so rampant.

          1. We have free public schools here too. N there’s no real restriction on the bible in schools, except in muslim schools. But the educational standards there is also terrible and there’s so much bullying and fighting and the children never stay in class. Very few teachers in the public schools r committed cos the pay is not encouraging.

            1. Oh, that sounds like Mexico. In some cities the teachers are on strike and the older students try to teach the younger ones, so they can at least read. So sad. But the whole world is going through this, I think. World leaders need a generation or two of illiterate adults, to carry out their plans . . .

              1. Illiterate or literate, I think we need more committed and faithful leaders, who actually care about the society and not just money and power. We’re seriously lacking those, especially in nigeria.

    1. It only solves the problem for those who can escape. Those whose parents refuse to take measures to rescue them from the muddle have no recourse. We must also remember them. Poor dears.

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