My Favorite Tips

Save Trips to the Store and Save Money I cannot overemphasize how we wives need to stick together and help each other. Used to be, home schoolers were odd because they homeschooled. Now days, it’s just rare to find a mom at home, at all. Like it or not, we live in what amounts toContinue reading “My Favorite Tips”

Gramma’s Wisdom – Spring Cleaning

They tell me old timers used to practice Spring-cleaning every year. My mother did. For a long while, I felt guilty when I failed even to nod in that direction. Now I realize why they did it and why they had the energy. And what a blessing it was, in disguise. They had to. WinterContinue reading “Gramma’s Wisdom – Spring Cleaning”

Gramma’s Wisdom – Are We Disposable?

  Today while I was tidying the kitchen, I made fresh coffee in my favorite two-cup pot. It’s an old-time drip-through I found at a garage sale, stocky and leaky, but it makes the best couple o’ cups around. It made me think of me. Not as shiny as I used to be, out ofContinue reading “Gramma’s Wisdom – Are We Disposable?”