Bullets or . . .

Last week I opened my email to find a death threat. Whether this was spam or  the real deal is yet to be determined. The officer asked if I owned a gun and suggested I might want to keep it handy and be aware of my surroundings. These words sent me scurrying to the closetContinue reading “Bullets or . . .”

My Grandmother’s Quilts

This is my most visited post, so far. It amazes me that folks come here, most. Enjoy. I just want to tell you about my grandmother, Laura, this time. I am a grandmother, and when I was little, I always wanted to be one. When I need inspiration, I remember my grandmother, Laura. Life is so different,Continue reading “My Grandmother’s Quilts”

Sunday Scriptures – Dreaming

But I tell you, in this you are not right, For God is greater than man. Why do you complain to him that he answers none of man’s words? For God does speak – now one way, now another – though man may not perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the night,Continue reading “Sunday Scriptures – Dreaming”

LOST AND FOUND: One Large Closet.

Yesterday, I finally launched a work I meant to do last year. And the year before. Today I actually dragged half the contents of the master closet out into the bedroom and kitchen. Kitchen? Yes; it’s a walk-through closet connecting the kitchen and bedroom. My side of the bed is exactly ten steps from theContinue reading “LOST AND FOUND: One Large Closet.”


I just finished the most wonderful week, followed by an amazing weekend, and how exhausted I am! Does that ever happen to you? A new friend visited me for a whole week. She stayed in our guest house and helped me with cooking and canning. One night I spent the night with her. What funContinue reading “MONDAY! Whew!”

I’m Back–I think!

The long break has been full, just full. Doctor visits, 1000-mile trips in two cars, garden harvest, company, you name it, we had it. I never meant to stay away this long. I have some new direction, though, and feel ready to finish what I started, here. Basically, though, the new direction will be postingContinue reading “I’m Back–I think!”

How to Take Care of Your Eyes – Rest!

This is my favorite treatment for every problem–just close your eyes! Maybe it will go away! In the case of eye health, this is definitely true. But no one tells us. Study this set of posts. Link to them. Copy-paste them for your fridge. Someone you know needs this information! Resting When we do not getContinue reading “How to Take Care of Your Eyes – Rest!”