3 Best Times to Begin a Project

Ever wonder when would be the best time to begin a new project? I do that from time to time. And when we spend a great deal of time deciding when to begin, we are wasting time. Wouldn’t it help to have a plan for when to begin a project? Yes it would. We oftenContinue reading “3 Best Times to Begin a Project”

So Totally Unexpected

Another WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Went down to the guest house to clean a bit. Family is coming and knew the floors were needing a good going over. Also counter-tops. And then I would make beds and be all ready for everyone. Not. Discovered a bird had somehow (?) gotten trapped in there and inContinue reading “So Totally Unexpected”

Changes inside my house. (You get to vote…)

Another Weekly Photo Challenge Before we repainted the ceiling in our sunroom, the furniture was arranged in this way: Now that we have a new, weak-winter-sky blue ceiling, we tried rearranging it in this way: It may be hard to tell without the books yet in the bookcases, but I’d like an opinion from you,Continue reading “Changes inside my house. (You get to vote…)”

Weekly Photo Challenge: MINE!!!!!

I am as tired as I look, here, but after two weeks of no rest, yet, I am beginning to feel better. So much going on. Bathroom repair necessitating my painting two walls. Special events at church. Taking a few short video courses. Internet flailing. I think that must be an epidemic, as WordPress AND SocialContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: MINE!!!!!”

I Give Up!

If this post actually appears, it will be my last. Until mid-September, that is. I had ideas about what to say, here, but the skies are not friendly in the Deep South. The local librarian tells me, “The clouds are crowded.” It’s her attempt at humor AND at explaining why even her computers are dysfunctional.Continue reading “I Give Up!”