To Befriend or NOT to Befriend . . .

Okay, you know her name and that she has three children and came from Peoria, and she attends your church when she bothers with attending. You even know what she and her husband argue about. She lives just down the street, after all. You just do not feel very close. Oh, sure, you’ve given herContinue reading “To Befriend or NOT to Befriend . . .”

Catch-Up Day

Ooh, am I tired! Yesterday was a catch-up day. Several jobs that had waited long enough finally got my attention. It feels so good to have some of it done. I started the day with the very last of the lavender harvest from last June. You have to realize I had to be 500 milesContinue reading “Catch-Up Day”


Do you ever feel strong, only to find out you’re weak? I sure do. Today we face troubles with our chickens. A raccoon is eating one per day, starting yesterday. Soon we will have none.   We’ve set a trap where the coon can get in it but the cats cannot. It is smart though,Continue reading “Adequacy”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curiosity

I’d Like to Kill a Mockingbird! We once had a house cat. He was amazing at first, the funniest kitten I’d ever seen, and I’m a connoisseur. A totally fluffy gray furball with longer white hair, he looked frosted. We named him Pussy Willow Catkin, Willy, for short. As Willy grew, he developed issues withContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Curiosity”