Once a Month Habit

Another WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Once a month I take a trip to the big city to visit my eye doctor. He’s an expert at helping people keep their eyesight, and he knows one important factor in his job is to check my blood pressure. After my visit, I make another visit, this time to myContinue reading “Once a Month Habit”

To Befriend or NOT to Befriend . . .

Okay, you know her name and that she has three children and came from Peoria, and she attends your church when she bothers with attending. You even know what she and her husband argue about. She lives just down the street, after all. You just do not feel very close. Oh, sure, you’ve given herContinue reading “To Befriend or NOT to Befriend . . .”


I just finished the most wonderful week, followed by an amazing weekend, and how exhausted I am! Does that ever happen to you? A new friend visited me for a whole week. She stayed in our guest house and helped me with cooking and canning. One night I spent the night with her. What funContinue reading “MONDAY! Whew!”